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Ever since my first photography class in high school, I’ve developed a passion for taking, editing and presenting photography. I started by taking shots with my iPhone and eventually committed to getting a DSLR. From there, I learned everything I know from YouTube videos and my own experiences. My favorite thing about photography is watching the raw photos in Lightroom turn into works of art right in front of your eyes.
My love for automobiles started young, when my mom bought me the first Gran Turismo for Playstation 1. I loved all the different types of cars and the way each one of them sounded different. I loved the methodology of lining up one curve after the other. It was that game that sowed the seed of my automotive passion. 
The combination of photography and automobiles is nothing new. It's been around for decades. But it's truly my favorite part of the automotive world. I love taking photos and I love being around cars at events and with friends. They just go together perfectly for me. 
Feel free to browse my site and take a look at my work. If you'd like to take some home, I have prints available for purchase. If you'd like to purchase a print I don't have listed, there is a generic listing below for you to choose that will have instructions for how to designate what you'd like a print of. 

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Southern California has become my home. I moved here from Oregon and I am in love with not only the weather but the car community here. Below is some of my work that's been shot here in SoCal. 

Los Angeles Auto SHow

This year I was a member of the media that attended the Los Angeles International Auto Show before the general public. I captured photos of new and recently released models and spent time in some vehicles I've always wanted to check out. It was an awesome experience and I can't wait to go back.

Portland, OR

Portland was where I grew up. It's a wonderful city with beautiful scenery and a budding car community. My favorite show to attend was Portland Cars and Coffee. 



These are my favorite scenic shots I've captured over the years. From the Pacific Northwest to Southern California, there's beauty in the world around us. 


Our fellow man, the most potent driving force in life. These are my favorite photos of my favorite people. 

My Vehicle

Blue Lightning is the name of my 2018 Ford Mustang GT. It's a 6-Speed manual with leather comfort seats and the upgraded infotainment system. I've lowered the car on Eibach Sportline Lowering springs and it rides like a dream through the curves. It was the first new car I ever bought and I don't ever plan on trading it in or selling it. These are my favorite photos of the car.


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